Green Matrix Technology provides enterprise and high density compute offerings based on commodity x86 architecture. Partnering with Super Micro Computer we provide enterprise solutions our services include architecture, design, engineering and consulting. We are committed to work with our partners to ensure premium engineering services and design at white box prices.  Read more about some of our customer solutions including our GridMatrix.

Green Matrix Technology Overview:

Enterprise Cloud Management

Abiquo represents the next generation of Cloud management solutions. Designed to meet strategic objectives, rather than as a temporary tactical fix, it is built to realize our vision of virtualized infrastructure management. Based on open standards, Abiquo allows organizations of all sizes to dramatically improve business agility, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.


STOREGRID NX-Series VMware-certified IP-SAN and NAS Storage Solutions  managed by a single unified management interface (GRIDXMS) that scales with each modular server building block and allows administrators to focus on critical tasks.

Multi-level data protection
Inherent virtualization
Unique management capabilities

  • Create, grow, destroy, export and import storage volumes
  • Share (via NFS/CIFS/RSYNC/FTP) volumes and folders
  • Take snapshots, custom and automated, periodic and on-demand
  • Implement user-defined snapshot retention policies and tiering structures
  • These policies can include Write Once, Read Many policies with the use of the optional 'WORM' module
  • Automatically and periodically generate storage and service reports
  • Manage the performance of the system and integrate the system into SNMP based management solutions
  • Discover, configure, and create iSCSI sessions, deploy iSCSI-attached LUNs, and much more
  • Establish fail-over groups with the use of the optional High Availability, 'HA', module.
  • Indicate SSDs are available and then watch as it automatically pulls the appropriate data onto the SSDs
  • Drill into performance with the aid of real time DTrace statistics