GRIDXMS management software provides a simplified way to manage data center hardware deployments by enabling you to provision operating systems, manage I/O, manage hardware and component diagnostics via IPMI remotely.  GRIDXMS allows administrator to manage their  entire infrastructure from anywhere in the world using a single secure web based portal.

GRIDXMS management software helps administrators simplify their ongoing support activities such as:

  • Firmware and BIOS upgrade
  • Virtualization hypervisor upgrade
  • Inventory tracking
  • Hardware management reporting
  • Host OS Health Monitoring
  • Virtualization Management
  • Server Power Control
  • Host OS Health Monitoring


  • Servers by operating system
  • Servers by hardware model
  • Servers by data center
  • Network Utilization

Management allows the ability to manage one or many hosts. This tab allows you to see the statistics of a host as well as being able to get IPMI and Remote Console Information.