Enterprise-Class Features

  • ZFS Unified Storage for NFS, CiFS, iSCSI, & Fiber Channel
  • Deduplication & Compression
  • Thin Provisioning
  • Unlimited Snapshots & Copy-on-write Clones
  • Virtual Data Center Storage
  • Native SSD Performance


  • Reduced Deployment Time
  • Cleaner Data Integrity
  • HA Cluster Ready
  • Hardware Virtualization Ready
  • Higher Utilization
  • Fast Performance
  • Simplified Management
  • Best-In-Class Savings

Multi-level data integrity

  • Cryptographic strength end to end check-sums on all transactions
  • All transactions atomic – cannot corrupt data on disk
  • Industry leading async, snapshot, based replication & synchronous replication

Best of breed for virtualization

  • Only unified storage with unified view into Vmware, Xen and Hyper-V
  • ZFS snaps = infinite no impact VM clones
  • SSDs as cache = cost effective solution to random I/O
  • In-line deduplication = eliminate disk I/Os for most transactions

Storage without limits

  • No more worries about max file size or the number of snapshots
  • Stop using file systems written to leverage x286 and x386; move to one built to handle hundreds of cores when they emerge in x86 market
  • Add CPU and SSD to achieve speed not just more spindles

Eliminates vendor lock-in

  • Your data is your data; migrate away in hours, not quarters
  • Purchase industry standard hardware via hardware market – not from a legacy storage vendor; save 70% or more
  • Predictable costs without discounts; no 2nd year gottcha